Our Story

In 1995, Kansas Truckers Risk Management Group, Inc. (KTRMG) was approved by the Kansas Insurance Department to establish the first Trucking Self-Funded Workers’ Compensation program in the State of Kansas. The Board of Trustees determined that it was in the best long-term interest of the membership to create this program with the purpose of providing reliable coverage and controlling the escalating costs of Workers’ Compensation. KTRMG is owned and managed by the members of the Fund and consists of preferred risks throughout Kansas.

  • Formed pursuant to Kansas statue K.S.A. 44-581 et seq. that permits and encourages group self-insurance pools for small to medium size employers.
  • Managed by a Group board (group participants) and a professional administrator (KTRMG), under State supervision.
  • In essence, a small, mutual insurance company is formed (the Group), and admitted members pay premiums at “KTRMG” rates (with their own experience modifications…), less special Group discounts and return of “profits” through dividends and/or lower future premiums.
  • In exchange for the privilege of forming a state-qualified self-insurance plan, members agree to assume “joint and several” liability for Group claims and expenses.
  • To help minimize risk to members, the Group purchases excess insurance and maintain strict underwriting/admission standards.
  • Typical advantages over ”traditional” insurance market include:
    • Better, more energetic loss control and claims management.
    • Leaner, more cost-effective expense structure.
    • Return of “profits” and savings to members.
    • Overall, more control and lower costs.

Industry analysts agree that group self-insurance presents employers the best method to address these main cost drivers. It is this fact that forms the basis for KTRMG’s formation.

Board of Trustees

  • Bill Taylor – Butler Tranport, Inc. – Kansas City
  • Mark Wilson – Wilson Transportation – Overland Park
  • Ted Glickley – Midwest Express Corporation – Lenexa
  • Sheri Stuart – Metro Companies/Metro Xpress – Wichita
  • Ron White – L.B. White Trucking – Wellsville


Key Contacts

Lance Cowell – Fund Administrator
(913) 269-0442
[email protected]

Monica Bullock – Program Administrator
(816) 214-4076
[email protected]

Patrick Kelley – Claims Representative
(816) 214-4081
[email protected]

Allen Keehler – Loss Control Consultant
(816) 216-7844
[email protected]

Todd Cowell – Legal Council
(913) 469-8777
[email protected]